Faux Finishing by Art and Soul of Maui, Hawaii

What are Faux finishes?

Faux Painting/Finishes have been used for millennia (over 5,000 years). From the cave paintings of the ancient Mayans to the tombs in Egypt, generations have sought to “fool the eye” (trompe l’oeil) and to inspire beauty. Artists would apprentice for at least 10 years with a master faux painter before working on their own. Great recognition was awarded to artists who could actually trick viewers into believing their work was the real thing. Faux painting has continued to be popular throughout the ages, but experienced major resurgences in the neoclassical revival of the nineteenth century and the Art Deco styles of the 1920s. Although they are usually used to create areas that simulate wood, marble, and stone, our craft is so much more than these techniques. By applying thin layers of color to an area, you are able to create a space that is both unique and practical and adds an overall depth and richness. Areas come “alive” through movement and character. Everyone has an inner artisan waiting to be expressed, and we work closely with our clients to uncover those beautiful depths and to manifest your vision.

More questions? We would love to meet with you for a consultation. Contact Us to share some samples of our work and discuss how we can transform your space into a work of art. Could you use some “faux for your soul”?

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